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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is in home care?
    In home care provides your loved ones with one-on-one help from a trained caregiver in the comfort of their own home. This assistance with in home tasks help those that need it to continue to live an independent lifestyle at home.
  • Who will benefit from having in home care?
    An individual who is in need of assistance in order to stay independent at home. Reliable Supportive Home Care can provide you with as little or as much assistance as you need.
  • When might an individual need home care?
    Home Care may be necissary after a sever or sudden medical emergency, the passing of a spouse, or for an ongoing or chronic condition.
  • How soon can in home care services start?
    Reliable Supportive Home Care's services can start as quickly as you need. Our caregivers provide reliable and compassionate service based on what our client's needs and their timeframe.
  • How long does home care last?
    The length of service is based on the clients needs. Some home care services may go for only a few weeks while others can be a lifelong necessity. If a physician has perscribed you home care, they will determine the length and time the services will go for. If you or family have made the decision to start home care, you can determine how many hours or days you need a caregiver for.
  • Where are Reliable Supportive Home Care's services available?
    Reliable Supportive Home Care serves the following counties in the Mt. Pocono, PA area: Monro County, Carbon County, Lehigh County, Northampton County, Pike County, Luzerne County, Lackawanna County
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