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What Is Social Care

Reliable Supportive Home Care understands that care for your loved ones now days requires a modern approach in addition to traditional care. Our social care program utilizes technology to help clients and their loved ones stay connected through social platforms like Facebook, FaceTime, Zoom, etc.

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How Social Care Works

Reliable Supportive Home Care's Social Care makes keeping our clients in touch with their loved ones a less stressful task as they adapt to a digital social life. Our Social Care program teaches our clients to:

  • Use a cell phone

  • Text, e-mail, use Zoom or use FaceTime

  • Set up a Facebook page and account to interact with family and friends

  • Shop online or use a search engine

Getting Started with Social Care

Reliable Supportive Home Care has customized services to satisfy all needs each of our care recipients has distinct care needs as well as personal preferences for their at home care services. Whether your loved one requires part time or full time care, or even support at an assisted living center, we will match them with the perfect caregiver for their situation. We will go above and beyond to make a tailored program of adult care services reflecting your family’s requests and accommodating your loved one’s care requirements. At any point, we will adjust this plan to address new needs.

Are our customized services the right choice for your loved one? Do not hesitate to reach out to Reliable Supportive Home Care today to learn more about getting started with at home care in a nearby community in the counties mentioned above. (272) 219-0990

Insurance We Accept

Reliable Supportive Home Care accepts the insurance that is listed below.


Private Party Insurance

Act 150


Debit & Credit Cards

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